Chef Alven Chu

Alven was born in Sweden. Started out learning sushi at Sushi Chef Institute in Los Angeles. It further led him to Sushi Zo, where he worked in both New York and LA. Returned to Gothenburg, Sweden to open Koizen and serve his own  interpretation of omakase.


What is your favourite word?
My favourite word is ”PASSION”.

What is your earliest cooking memory?
I remember when I was 9 years old and made an omelette for my brother – and that day I tried to spice it up in a new way and add ham. He loved it and I got a great reaction from him, I will never forget. It is this feeling that has driven me to cook ever since.

Why do you cook?
I especially like the reactions I get from serving my food. It is always as exciting to hear that “surprised wow” during serving and being able to inspire such emotions through cooking.
Many people say to me that it will be difficult to eat “plain sushi” after visiting me. Some even decide to travel to japan, inspired by their visit to our restaurant. That makes me happy.

Who has influenced your cooking the most?
My mother. She has been cooking for me and my brother since we were little, she still does but now I can also cook for her. We often cook food together and have come across many of the courses we serve in the restaurant. Mom used to tell me about her father and everything she learned from him – how he adapted his food in India switching between spices, always learning something new.  

Do you think your upbringing in Sweden has affected you?
I personally believe that my upbringing in Sweden has made me to dare my ideas. I dare to think new and less traditionally in some respects and I think that gives us freedom to express ourselves, create something personal and something rich. A place for enjoyment, right here in the middle of Gothenburg.

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