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Tuna Event

One evening with one ingredient in focus. The most expensive fish in the world – The Bluefin Tuna. Learn about the different cuts, flavours and textures of the Bluefin Tuna with a 13 course menu. 1495:-

Wagyu Beef Event

An 11 course set menu centered around the exclusive Japanese ingredient: Wagyu beef. 8 seats available each sitting. 3000:-

Summer Patio

Our outdoor patio is finally open for both Drop-ins and Reservations. Enjoy a shorter drop-in omakase menu, some cold beverage or reserve seats for a full omakase experience on our patio.  

Sake Event

Book our sake event with Sake sommelier Lucie Ödéhn från Tataima. During the event Alven and Lucie will introduce and educate you about the rice-brewing culture in japan with a 9 course menu paired with sake from different prefectures in japan. 1500:-




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