In a unique and private space. Our venues are the perfect spots to host your own social or corporate dinner.
We offer tailor-made events, dinners and moments to suit your occasion.

Fill out the form section on the right and we will get in touch within 2 days time. Private room can earliest be booked a months in advanced if our venues are vacant. 10 to 15 seats available.

Private room


Shiroi Omakase*
Food menu: 875:- winepairing: 525:-

Aka Omakase*
Food menu: 900:- winepairing: 595:-

Kuro Omakase*
Food menu: 1250:-  winepairing: 825:-

Prices are per person and includes hire, staff and service.
We offer 10 – 15 seats in a variety of seatings.
*Minimum number of guests for private room is limited to 10 to avoid extra fee.