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The second generation sushi chef Alven Chu serves the highest form of the art sushi in his Omakase Room at Aschebersgatan
in Gothenburg. During an 1-2 hours experience Alven Chu will carefully assemble and present the guests about 15 dishes -most
of them are one bite well balanced pieces.

Omakase is Japanese and means “I trust you“. It is a “chef’s choice ” style of experience and
is build around a relationship of trust and spontaneity between the chef and each diner.

When you visit Koizen omakase room you are in good hands by the humble & creative chef Alven Chu the 8 seat wood bar 
wraps around the kitchen allowing Alven to serve from his hand to the plate. A physical closeness between the chef
and guest creates a beautiful communion as sushi is prepared and consumed in immediate succession.

Welcome to my Omakase room
Alven Chu

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Aschebergsgatan 26