*We offer special Mother’s day dinner on May 29! 

The Omakase Experience

We serve an omakase  experience of Japanese cuisine.  Omakase means “to leave it up to the chef”. We invite you to our experience as a performance, our bar as the stage and you as our audience. As our guests, you are encouraged to trust our chefs to select and serve the finest ingredients available for the day.

Welcome to our humble establishment at Nordenskiöldsgatan 24. 

Mother's Day Dinner

Celebrate mothers & women who have impacted your life. We offer a 3-course dinner to fill their stomachs with love. 

Date: Sunday, May 29

Bluefin Tuna Event

One evening with one focus; the most expensive fish in the world – Bluefin Tuna. Learn about the different cuts, flavors and textures with a 13 course menu.

Next Date: Coming in June! 

*Please email us to info@koizen.se to put on the waiting list! 

Wagyu Beef Event

A special event centered around the exclusive Japanese beef – 和牛 Wagyu. Treat yourself with superb A5 Kagoshima wagyu beef with an 11 course menu.

Next Date: Coming soon

White Guide

“Utan Alven Chu vore kroggöteborg en fattigare plats” Reviewed by White Guide

Article in GP.se

“Alven Chu vill sprida japansk matkultur på Koizen” Written by Göteborgs-Posten


Visit our brother restaurant – Kuruya, an Izakaya bar at Aschebergsgatan 26


Nordenskiöldsgatan 24


We offer 12 seats at the bar and 6 seats by the windows. We open reservations for the following two months on the first day of the current month. Reservations must be secured with a credit card to be valid. 

Cancellation Policy

Kindly notify us no later than 24 hours of the reserved time if you need to cancel or reschedule. We reserve the right to charge full for late cancellations or reductions in group size.

Allergies/ Dietary Restrictions

Please inform us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions, allergies or special considerations. At the moment, we are unable to serve courses that are strictly to vegetarian.

If you are unable to book a sitting, you are welcome to reserve your seats via e-mail or telephone. 

Tel. : 031-318-6810

E-mail : bookings@koizen.se

Gift Cards

Give away an experience with our gift card.
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For more urgent gifts, you may stop by our restaurant at Nordenskiöldsgatan 24 from Wednesdays to Fridays, 13:00 – 16:00


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Work at Koizen

Please send your CV to reqruitment@koizen.se

Currently we are looking for assistant chef. 

Hours of operation

Wednesdays till Fridays : 17:30 – late

Saturdays : 15:00 – late

*We are available for private booking and private chef. Please contact us to arrange your party.