The Omakase Experience
We serve an Omakase experience, which means “to leave it up to the chef”. We invite you to consider our omakase experience as a performance, our bar as the stage and you as our audience to watch as the chefs prepare your course. As our guest you are encourage to trust our chefs to select and serve the finest ingredients available in Gothenburg.

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“Utan Alven Chu vore kroggöteborg en fattigare plats”
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Events & News

Recently our guests have been enjoying various events that we have hosted.
We aim to continue to offer more events in the future. Read more about the event and happenings here.


If you are a concerned guest. Please take some time to read about the measures we have taken to ensure your safety during you visit to our restaurant. 

Gift card

Gift our experience to someone. Swish the amount to be added to your gift card to 123 156 28 26. Write your address in the message field and we’ll post it to you as soon as possible.

Urgent gift? mail us and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. 

Kuruya – Donburi Bar

We have finally opened our sister restaurant at 
Aschebergsgatan 26 as a Donburi bar
Donburi – Japanese rice bowl food.
Take away & lunch available.




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Sitting hours

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